The Winners of the Nature Competition

The results of the Nature Competition judged by Penny Piddock are as follows
Results of Nature Comp. DPI
1st Dinner is served Shirley Swaine
2nd Garden Spider with Larder Joy Watson
3rd Sunrise Chris Eaves
HC A Young Thrust Colin Dunn
HC Autumn Leaf Chris Eaves
HC Go Away Hornet threat posture Shirley Swaine
HC Moon Jellyfish Ed Coleman
HC Sand Ripples Linda Kemp
1st Resting Place Steve Baker
2nd Take Off Mick Rose
3rd Snow Leopard Mick Rose
HC 4 Crows at Dawn Chris Eaves
HC New Shoot Chris Eaves
HC Little Owl Ted Toop
HC Hummingbird Moth Diane Clavert
HC Kingfisher Colin Dunn