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Microsoft releases Raw Image Extension to get raw image previews on Windows 10

Windows 10 does not ship with native support for previewing raw image files, meaning users can’t view thumbnails or metadata in the Photos app or Windows File Explorer. Microsoft has a solution for photographers in need of this capability, however, and it’s called the Raw Image Extension.

The Raw Image Extension gives Windows 10 native support for previewing raw file formats from ‘many mid- to high-end digital cameras,’ according to Microsoft. Once installed, both Windows File Explorer and the Photos app in Windows 10 will support displaying thumbnails and metadata for these raw image files.

The extension is only supported on systems that have installed the Windows 10 May 2019 Update version 1903. Microsoft utilized the libraw open source project for this extension; a full list of supported formats is available at the following link; https://www.libraw.org/supported-cameras

To install the app go to the  Microsoft Store in Windows 10 Start Menu, then search for ‘Raw Image Extension’ , then download etc.


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Brian Lynch Challenge

The Annual Brian Lynch Challenge between Weymouth and Portland Camera Clubs was held in Weymouth on 26th February.  There were a total of 70 images; 35 from both clubs.  The photographs featured a wide range of subjects from close-ups to landscapes.  Each photograph was awarded marks out of 10 and the marks were added together at the end of the evening to reveal the winning club who would then be awarded the Brian Lynch Trophy.  We are pleased to announce that Weymouth won the challenge with a total of 304 points over Portland’s 289.  The photograph that won the title of ‘best of the evening’ was ‘Misty Morning’ by  Weymouth Club photographer Don Hart.  The Judge for the evening was John Tilsley.

Misty Morning by Don Hart
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Success for Karen

Weymouth Camera Club are delighted to announce that Karen, our model for our Portrait Workshop recently, has been offered a part in the forthcoming production ‘Ammonite’ that is being filmed in Lyme Regis this year.  The encouraging news for the Camera Club is that when Karen was asked to provide photographs of herself, she used the ones that were taken by club members Ed. Coleman, Mick Rose and Chris Eaves.  We extend our warmest congratulations to Karen and we like to think that we played a small part in her success.

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20 shot competition and Summer outing competition

The result of the 20 shot competition and summer outings are as follows
Mick Rose won the 20 shot competition, But Richard Baker won the Summer outings best image and the most popular picture in the 20 shot competition
Well done the pair of them.

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From Mick Rose

My image of the Sunset Stroller has been selected to be in the 2019 I.J. Brown Calendar, a competition run by Wessex FM in partnership with I.J. Brown Opticians.


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Annual Exhibition 2018

The Annual Exhibition will be held this year at the Mulberry Gallery located within Weymouth Library The exhibition will run from the 17th to the 22nd of September, all welcome hope to see you there

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