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The Winners of the Nature Competition

The results of the Nature Competition judged by Penny Piddock are as follows
Results of Nature Comp. DPI
1st Dinner is served Shirley Swaine
2nd Garden Spider with Larder Joy Watson
3rd Sunrise Chris Eaves
HC A Young Thrust Colin Dunn
HC Autumn Leaf Chris Eaves
HC Go Away Hornet threat posture Shirley Swaine
HC Moon Jellyfish Ed Coleman
HC Sand Ripples Linda Kemp
1st Resting Place Steve Baker
2nd Take Off Mick Rose
3rd Snow Leopard Mick Rose
HC 4 Crows at Dawn Chris Eaves
HC New Shoot Chris Eaves
HC Little Owl Ted Toop
HC Hummingbird Moth Diane Clavert
HC Kingfisher Colin Dunn

20 shot competition and Summer outing competition

The result of the 20 shot competition and summer outings are as follows
Mick Rose won the 20 shot competition, But Richard Baker won the Summer outings best image and the most popular picture in the 20 shot competition
Well done the pair of them
Hopefully I will post an image of Richard’s winning image soon

Results of the Man Made Competition on the 6th of November

First Me and My Shadow Janet Comley
Second Man Made Man Discarded Shirley Swaine
Third Cyclist Mick Rose
Third Breton Lady on the Stairs Joy Watson
HC Van Reflections Linda Kemp
HC The Mask Mick Rose
HC Very \public Loos Linda Kemp

First Roof Shapes Janet Comley
Second Harley Softail Ted Toop
Third Bottle Tops Chris Eaves
Third Skys the Limit Linda Kemp
HC Gears and Springs Peter Smith
HC Cutlery Club Chris Eaves
HC Gallery Steve Baker

Open Competition 9th of October 2018

The results of the October Open Competition are as follows;

Open October 2018 DPI
1st Before Harvest Steve Baker
2nd Stormy Sea Colin Dunn
3rd Homewardbound Janet Comley
HC Autumn Leaves Linda Kemp
HC Succulent Chris Eaves
HC Catching the Wave Billy Connolly

1st Fiddleford Barm Linda Kemp
2nd The Door to No. 2 Ted Toop
3rd Sunset Stroller Mick Rose
HC In the Shopping Mall Janet Comley
HC Getting Ready to Go John Chapman
HC Allium Chris Eaves

The DPI images are displayed in the web site gallery

Annual Exhibition 2018

The Annual Exhibition will be held this year at the Mulberry Gallery located within Weymouth Library The exhibition will run from the 17th to the 22nd of September, all welcome hope to see you there

Exhibition Poster 2018

New season programme of events

Chris has put together the Programme for the new season and it looks very interesting, I have entered the programme into the events page, so please take the opportunity to view this events page. But here is a Quick preview of the programme.

18 09 2018
Skittles Evening
02 10 2018
Photographer of the Year & Runner Up – Presentation of Images
09 10 2018
Open Competition- judged by Malcolm Mcnaughton
16 10 2018
WCPF Travelling Prints
23 10 2018
Model Evening Workshop with Karen Mcguinness
29 10 2018 Monday
Wessex Battle at Dorchester Corn Exchange
06 11 2018
Man Made Competition judged by Colin Gogerty
13 11 2018
Lightroom Presentation by Peter Smith
20 11 2018
Summer Outings and 20 Shot competition
27 11 2018
Creative Photography Presentation by Penny Piddock
04 12 2018
Nature Competition judged by Penny Piddock
11 12 2018
‘Close- Up ’Workshop
18 12 2018
Christmas Meal
25 12 2018
Christmas – no meeting
01 01 2019
New Year- no meeting
08 01 2019
Weymouth’s Piers and Pavilions’ by Stuart Morris
15 01 2019
Close-Up Competition judged by Geoff & Dee Wareham
22 01 2019
‘The Water’s Edge’ by Tony Worobeic
29 01 2019
‘A Contemplative Approach to Photography’ by Colin Tracey
05 02 2019
Open Competition judged by Sid Jones
12 02 2019
Night Photography Workshop at Portland Bill
19 02 2019
Knock Out Competition /QA Session or Discussion
26 02 2019
Brian Lynch Challenge at Weymouth judged by John Tilsley
05 03 2019
The Life of a British Army Photographer by Gary Kendall
12 03 2019
Night Photography Competition judged by Colin Tracey
19 03 2019
Monolands by Sid Jones
26 03 2019
Wey/Poole Battle at Poole
02 04 2019
Creative Competition judged by Graham Ireland
09 04 2019
Still Life Workshop
16 04 2019
23 04 2019
Easter break
30 04 2019
Annual Competition and Awards Night judged by Penny Piddock

News fom Mick

More salon success over the summer……and yes more of the old favourites…..

Wyvern International Salon 2018.

Six Acceptances:-

1. Angel of the North (colour open)
2. Water Treatment Plant-Brighton (colour open)

3. Steps (monochrome)

4. Starling (nature)

5. The Art of Conversation (photo journalism)
6. Young Protester (photo Journalism)

The South Devon Salon 2018.

1 Acceptance:-

1. Brighton Bandstand (monochrome)

The Dorset Arts & Crafts Show 2018.

Grooming Time – Work of Outstanding Merit – Wildlife.
Sunset at Crosby Beach – Highly Commended – Colour Open.
The Kelpies – Commended – Creative.

Thats it Pete, looking forward to the new season

Young Protestor-Mick Rose

Water Treatment Plant-Brighton-Accepted-Mick Rose

The Art of Conversation-Mick Rose

Sunset at Crosby Beach-Mick Rose

Steps-Mick Rose

Starling-Mick Rose

Kelpies-Mick Rose

Grooming Time-Mick Rose

Brighton Bandstand-Mock Rose

Angel of the North-Mick Rose

Almost the start of the new Season

List of forth coming events

5th to 15th September. WCC Photography Exhibition at Weymouth Museum

15th to 22nd September. Annual Exhibition at Mullberry Gallery, Weymouth Library.

18th September. Skittles Evening. 7.30 Centenary Club. All members old and new welcome.

2nd October. First meeting of new season.