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Results of the Annual Competition 2018

DPIs Set subject John Denny Cup
1st Mick Rose Mobile Mania
2nd Steve Baker Mushrooms
3rd Mick Rose Memorial
CoM Peter Smith Money and Map
DPIs Open Sam Logan Cup
1st Kevin Connolly Disruptrd View
2nd Linda Kemp West Pier Brighton
3rd Janet Comely Water Abstract
CoM Kevin Connolly Frosty Tiles
CoM Steve Baker Before Harvest
Prints Humour The Ger Woonton Cup
1st Steve Baker Dorset Gothic
2nd Mick Rose You Wana Go in there Mate
3rd Larry Parks Dirty Cow
Prints Mono Mrs John Vincent Cup
1st Mick Rose Bike Reflection
2nd Ted Toop Rainy Departure
3rd Steve Baker Dice Sculpture
CoM Ted Toop Raven
CoM Chris Eaves Flight
Prints Set Subject John Vincent Cup
1st Steve Baker Marshmallow Dali
2nd Mick Rose Men
3rd Peter Smith Monastery and Monks
Prints Open Steward Tandy Cup
1st Chis Eaves The Bridesmaid
2nd John Chapman Either Way
3rd Steve Baker Trumpeter
CoM Melvyn Dover Evening Beach
Overall Winner for Print Mick Rose
Overall Winner DPIs Chris Eaves
Photographer of the Year Mick Rose

20 Shot Competition

News from Mick on the 20 shot competition

It is proposed to hold the 20 shot competition on the 19th June 2018 at West Bay.

I have been and done a reckie and got the 20 subjects !!!

What I propose to do is send you all (via E-Mail) the list of subjects on the morning of the 19th, this will then give you the opportunity to either make a day or an afternoon of the event, (weather permitting) I myself aim to be there from around 3 o’clock.

Parking is quite reasonable at £1.60 for 3 hours and free after 6pm, hence being there at about 3pm. I also suggest that we start at 6pm for those who just want to do the evening, I will be in attendance at the car park at 6pm and will have lists of subjects for those otherwise not getting them.

The main carpark in front of the Bridport Arms is currently being resurfaced and should be completed by the 19th but the other carpark just to the right is ok..(see attached Photo)…

On completion of the evening you will have until the Sunday 24th June to get your 20 shot selections to Steve Baker (the Competition Secretary) Remembering to resize your images for a 6X4 print. Also there should be no major post processing only to crop, resize and some slight enhancing.


Summer outings

From Chris; Here are the proposed details of our Summer Outings based on feedback from the members:

Tuesday 15th May: Abbotsbury – I would welcome suggestions as to where to meet. Possibly the Ilchester Arms as they have a reasonable car park? Ilchester Arms: DT3 4JR

Tuesday 29th May: Poundbury: The Poet Laureate: DT1 3GW

Tuesday 26th June: Weymouth Town – suggest meeting under the Town Bridge as we did last time. Choice of pubs!

Tuesday 17th July: The Fat Badger, Wyke Regis. Car parking available or outside on the road. The Fat Badger: 90 Camp Road, Wyke Regis DT4 9HT

Tuesday 19th June: 20 Shot Competition at West Bay Organised by Mick Rose. Suggestions please as to the best car parking.

Saturday 7th July Portland Castle Visit. I have made a preliminary booking for us to have a guided tour around the castle and the price is £8.00 each which includes the entry, guide and guide book. Then we can take advantage of a special deal for tea and cake in the tea rooms for £4.25 each. We need at least 11 people for this and I have booked it for 14.00. There is a car park in the castle grounds. Please can you let me know if you can’t make it as I could book another date.

Hope some of you can make some of these . (I can’t do next Tuesday at Abbotsbury.) Summer outings all meet at 19.30.
bout the summer outings


News from Mick


Mother & Infant Macaques

Just had results in from the Australia – Sydney Harbour International 2018 salon.

Had 3 Accepted: Yes more old favourites ….must put these to bed !!!!!!

Water Treatment Plant
Mother & Infant Macaques

Below is a link to the salon site, although the competition is now closed and the 2018 results are not yet published, it does give info on previous years results (worth a look).

Mick Rose has had 2 images accepted by the Western Counties Photographic Federation 2018 Members’ Exhibition

Mick Rose has had 2 images accepted by the Western Counties Photographic Federation 2018 Members’ Exhibition. for details, information and results please use the link below 

Creative Class – Health Centre.
Photo Travel Class – Angel of the North

Health Centre

Angle of the North

Mick Rose has images accepted by the Cheltenham International Salon 2018.

Mick has had the following two images accepted by the Cheltenham International Salon 2018.

Comment from the Cheltenham International Salon                                                                                Over three days, our judges very much enjoyed the superb and fantastically diverse set of images put before them. For that we thank you very much indeed for participating in the Cheltenham International Salon of Photography 2018.

Watching the Sunrise


Creative Competition 2018

1st DPI Creative-The Galaxy in Fruit and Veg Chris Eaves

2nd DPI Creative-Checking the Camera Diane Calvert

3nd DPI Creative-Flight Chris Eaves

Well done to Chris for taking the top and third place in the Creative competition Diane took the second spot with the colourful image ‘Checking the camera, Highly commended was give to Alan Parkes. Peter Smith, Colin Dunn and Mike Rose.                                                                              The Judge was Colin Gagers