Weymouth Camera Club holds regular competitions. Club members can enter both print and digital images, and a different external judge, where available, is invited to judge each competition. Entries are scored and the member with the combined highest score, (the two lowest marks in both prints and DPI will be removed in this calculation), in the league rounds will become the Photographer of the Year.
However many members enter simply to get a critique and invaluable feedback from the judges in order to improve their photographic skills. There is no pressure on members to enter competitions. All photographs are judged anonymously.


9th October 2018 Open League Round 1
6th November 2018 Built Environment/Man Made League Round 2
20th November 2018 Summer Outings & 20 Shots Non League
4th December 2018 Nature Competition  League round 3
15 January 2019 Close Up League Round 4
5th February 2019 Open Competition League Round 5
19th February 2019 Knock Out Competition Non League
12th March 2019 Night Photography Competition League Round 6
6th April 2017 Creative Competition Non League