Weymouth Camera Club

League Competitions Results

Open Competition 8th of Oct. 2019

Digitally Projected Images
Look No HandsShirley Swaine1st
Wild Garlic HeadJim Hicks2nd
StormyChris Eaves3rd
Trident Fountain MaltaMick RoseHC
Open WideShirley SwaineHC
Posts In The SandVanessa IngramHC
Large Prints
Portrait Of a Young GirlEd Coleman1st
StraithesVanessa Ingram2nd
Reddy To SailJanet Comley3rd
Evening HarbourJohn ChapmanHC
Eye Of The BeholderDon HartHC

Man Made Competition (Architecture) 5th Nov. 2019

Digitally Projected Images
A View of lloydsVanessa Ingram1st
BalconiesDon Hart2nd
Across The ThamesVanessa Ingram3rd
Lloyds of LondonMick RoseHC
Weymouth Fire & Community HQDon HartHC
Buckfast AbbeyChris EavesHC
Large Prints
Salisbury CathedralDon Hart1st
Auditorium DetailSteve Baker2nd
Under The ArchVanessa Ingram3rd
Beneath The LowerySteve BakerHC
Modern Day CoffeeMick RoseHC
Isle-of-ButeTed ToopHC

Nature Competition 3rd Dec. 2019

Digitally Projected Images
Wary FoxDon Hart1st
Open WideShirley Swaine2nd
Male Bearded TitStephen Davenport3rd
Teal Take offStephen DavenportHC
Swan and CygnetsMick RoseHC
Red Deer StagJohn ChapmanHC
Great Spotted WoodpeckerMick RoseHC
Swallows and HousemartinsSteve BakerHC
Large Prints
Storm at ChesilSteve Baker1st
Humming Bird MothAlan Cox2nd
Kyle of TongueLinda Kemp3rd
Young Female KingfisherMick RoseHC
Storm on BeachLinda KempHC
Female KestrelMick RoseHC
SunriseJanet ComleyHC
Red AdmiralChris EavesHC

Closeup Competition 15 Jan. 2019

Digitally Projected Images
ChrysanthemumJoy Watson1st
IguanaJohn Chapman2nd
Flower HeadJim Hicks3rd
Fern LeafMick RoseHC
SunriseTed ToopHC
Raindrops & a leafChris EavesHC
Large Prints
Hummingbird MothDiane Calvert1st
FriendsTed Toop2nd
Elephant Hawk MothAlan Cox3rd
Closeup of WoodJanet ComleyHC

Open Competition 5th of Feb. 2019

Digitally Projected Images
Field PoppiesSteve Baker1st
The Lone TreeVanessa Ingram2nd
Derwent Water SunsetLinda Kemp3rd
Etherial BeautyVanessa IngramHC
Doggie PaddleAlan ParkesHC
Looking to the FutureJanet ComleyHC
November MorningShirley SwaineHC
YuccaTed ToopHC
Large Prints
Evening ShadowsJanet Comley1st
Misty MorningDon Hart2nd
Sunrise over SelseyVanessa Ingram3rd
Harbourside GossipSteve BakerHC
Force of natureJim HicksHC
Gormley - Another PlaceMick RoseHC

Night Photography Comp. 12/03/2019

Digitally Projected Images
A Far Far AwayDon Hart1st
When Shall We Three Meet AgainShirley Swaine2nd
Piccadilly At NightLinda Kemp3rd
London LightsBilly ConnollyHC
Tower Bridge & The ThamesJoy WatsonHC
St. PaulsMick RoseHC
Large Prints
Party on Brighton BandstandMick Rose1st
A Touch of RedJanet Comley2nd
Nuba EmbraceDon Hart3rd
Mein HostSteve BakerHC
Weymouth Night LifeChris Eaves HC
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