Competition Rules


Eligibility – Only full members who have paid to join the club prior to February 2017 are entitled to enter competitions for the 2016-2017 season.

Own Work – All parts of the image MUST be the photographer’s own work, no use of clip art or imported images from internet or other sources is permitted.

Fractals – The use of fractals is banned in accordance with the Western Counties Photographic Federation rules.

Resubmitting Images – No picture may be entered more than once in a season for a monthly competition. No picture which has won an award (1st, 2nd or 3rd place) may be entered again in any monthly competition, regardless of the year. They can however be entered in other Club, Annual and External Competitions. Images can be submitted for the Annual Competition which have been used before or which have been placed in a club competition, but not if they have been placed in a previous Annual Competition.


Open – Images and prints on any subject can be entered for an open competition including creative images     which have been digitally manipulated.

Set Subject (Monochrome) – Images and prints can be black and white or of one tone such as Sepia. The Black & White image may have one additional colour added. The subject is ‘Open”.

Close Up – Images showing the closest position possible although you do not need to use a special macro lens or a camera with a macro setting. The subject should be magnified and seen larger than with the naked eye.

Built Environment/Man Made – Images depicting anything “man-made” or manufactured e.g. buildings, bridges, transport etc..

Nature – Images of animals, birds, plants, land or seascapes. May be in controlled conditions i.e. in a zoo or sanctuary or in the wild. No domestic or farm animals or cultivated plants. Any manipulation or modification must be limited to minor re-touching and must not alter the truth of the original scene (WCPF).

Knockout – Up to 3 digital images. Entries can be drawn from other competition entries.

Summer Outings – Up to 4 digital images taken on one of the 2016 summer outings including the 20 shot competition.

Creative Cup – Up to 3 digital images. A “creative image” can be, but is not restricted to, a departure from reality and is obviously distinct from a scene viewed with the use of a camera lens.


The Annual Competition is your chance to enter your best prints and digital images of the year into an open competition. You are welcome to enter new work – it does not have to have been entered into a monthly league competition but be aware that you will not be able to enter these images into future competitions should they win. The Annual Competition for 2017 is divided into six categories:

  • Colour prints (Open) – up to two prints
  • Monochrome prints (Open) – up to two prints. Monochrome entries can be B/W or contain one additional colour or a tone.
  • Set subject – Something Beginning with ‘L’ – up to a total of two colour or monochrome prints
  • Set subject – Humour– up to two prints
  • Digital images (Open) – up to two images
  • Digital Images Something Beginning with ‘L’– up to two images.

All print & digital entries must be handed in to the Annual Competition Secretary before the closing date as announced. The results of the Annual Competition will be disclosed at the Annual Award and Presentation Evening held at the end of the season.

All entries to the annual competition will go on display in the Mulberry Gallery, Weymouth Library. The date for the 2017 Annual Exhibition will be announced when known.


Prints – For all competitions, unless stated otherwise, members may enter two prints. They may be colour or monochrome. Prints can be any size but  should be mounted on fairly thick card, either straight onto the card or recessed with a cut out window. No prints to be larger than A3 with mounts no larger than 40x50cm. Mounts must have the photographer’s name and the title of the image written on the back. Prints may be brought on the night of the competition and placed on the display boards for viewing.

Members with winning print images are requested to submit a digital copy to the competition secretary at, immediately after the competition, for publication on the website.

Digital images – For all competitions, unless stated otherwise, members may enter two digital images, in jpeg format. These may be colour or monochrome. Landscape images must be no more than 1400 pixels wide by 1050 pixels high, and portrait images no more than 1050 pixels high. Images should be no more than 100dpi. Images must be named and titled e.g.:- The Car_Joe Bloggs.

They must be sent via e-mail to by the SUNDAY prior to the competition, or given on a memory card or USB stick at the meeting prior to the competition.

We will be strict about late entries – nothing will be accepted on the night of the competition – it takes too long to readjust the competition set up. 


Should the Club enters external competitions such as the Wessex Colour Group Competition, The Kingswood Salver and the Digital Projected Image Competition run annually by the Western Counties Photographic Competition, members will be asked to submit work for entry and selection of images for these competitions is made by a selection committee of led by the Competition Secretary. This also applies to the Wessex, Poole and Portland Annual Battles.

Steve Baker
Competitions Secretary