News fom Mick

More salon success over the summer……and yes more of the old favourites…..

Wyvern International Salon 2018.

Six Acceptances:-

1. Angel of the North (colour open)
2. Water Treatment Plant-Brighton (colour open)

3. Steps (monochrome)

4. Starling (nature)

5. The Art of Conversation (photo journalism)
6. Young Protester (photo Journalism)

The South Devon Salon 2018.

1 Acceptance:-

1. Brighton Bandstand (monochrome)

The Dorset Arts & Crafts Show 2018.

Grooming Time – Work of Outstanding Merit – Wildlife.
Sunset at Crosby Beach – Highly Commended – Colour Open.
The Kelpies – Commended – Creative.

Thats it Pete, looking forward to the new season

Young Protestor-Mick Rose

Water Treatment Plant-Brighton-Accepted-Mick Rose

The Art of Conversation-Mick Rose

Sunset at Crosby Beach-Mick Rose

Steps-Mick Rose

Starling-Mick Rose

Kelpies-Mick Rose

Grooming Time-Mick Rose

Brighton Bandstand-Mock Rose

Angel of the North-Mick Rose