20 Shot Competition 23rd June 2020

20 Shot Competition 23rd June 2020

Home & Garden

New Format – There can be no meeting on the Tuesday evening (when we normally go out and photograph the 20 set subjects.) Instead, all subjects can be taken from your home, house and garden and may be completed over 3 days.

If you do not have a garden of your own then a neighborhood or communal garden will be acceptable while still considering social distancing guide lines.

Subjects will be sent out Via E-Mail on Monday evening 22nd.

Notes: –

1. There is NO entry fee……at this time…. Depending on how the competition is going to be judged. If on line using DPI’s (No cost) or from Prints (£5 charge), In the normal way !! if and when club meetings resume…..

Watch this space !!!

2. Because of the nature of subjects and the restrictions of social distancing, you will have 3 days to take your images, Tues/Wed/Thurs. Then 2 days Fri/Sat to edit, then Sunday to submit your 20 shots to Steve Baker (Competition Secretary).

3. Remembering to resize your images for 6X4 prints. There should be no major post processing (except for image 13 anything goes) only to crop, resize and some slight enhancing.

4. I Hope you will Join in and keep the spirit of the club running.

Thank you and Good luck!!!

Mick Rose