Annual Awards & Presentation Evening 2018/2019

On this our last meeting for the end of our winter season we held our Annual Awards and Presentation evening. Our chairman Mr. Ted Toop opened the evening by welcoming the members, their families and friends. He also gave a special welcome to Mr. David Riches who is the Manager and Historian of the Weymouth Museum, who presented the awards for our Monthly competitions. Also a special welcome to Mrs. Penny Piddock (DPAGB-EFIAP) who judged our Annual Competition and presented the awards. Proceedings were then handed over to Mick Rose the Annual Exhibition Secretary.

The evening started off with a viewing of the winning images from our monthly league and non-league competitions, and Mr. David Riches presenting the awards to the winning photographer’s. We then adjourned for a short break tucking in to a small buffet laid on by members who contributed the food and nibbles. After that we went onto the raffle with many prizes, again contributed by members.

The second half of the evening went onto the Annual Competition results, again starting off with a viewing of entries from both Digital and Prints. The judge Penny Piddock then gave her comments on those she selected for Highly Commended and placing of 3rd, 2nd and 1st. She was then invited to present the awards and trophies to the winning photographers.

The evening concluded with the presentation of the Photographer of the Year Trophy, this is presented to the photographer who achieved the most points overall in the league competitions.

The chairman presented the Photographer of the Year Trophy to Mick Rose.

The chairman then gave special thanks to our Guests and wished all members a snappy summer until we return in September.

Mick would like to thank all members for entering the competition and making it a great evening. Special thanks go to Steve Baker for putting together the Power Point Presentation of images and to Ed Coleman for stepping in at very short notice to take the Photos of the presentations. Thank you all.

We plan to hold our Annual exhibition of member’s photographs in the Weymouth Museum sometime in August/September, please keep an eye on our Web Site for more details.

Presentation Images from the Awards Evening

Competition Placings

DPI Open

  • First Place – Diane Calvert – Arches
  • Second Place – Reach for the Sky – Linda Kemp
  • Third Place – Reed Bunting – Colin Dunn
  • Highly Commended – Poundbury Cat – Peter Smith
  • Highly Commended – Raindrops on a Leaf – Chris Eaves
  • Highly Commended – Tides Out – Diane Calvert

Colour Prints Open

  • First Place – Resting Place – Steve Baker
  • Second Place – Cutlery Club – Chris Eaves
  • Third Place – Race Leader – Alan Cox
  • Highly Commended – Bottle Tops – Chris Eaves
  • Highly Commended – Hummingbird Moth – Diane Calvert
  • Highly Commended – Water Droplet – Mick Rose

DPI Set Subject “N”

  • First Place – Needleworking – Chris Eaves
  • Second Place – The Nave, Salisbury – Larry Parks
  • Third Place – Night Firing – Mick Rose
  • Highly Commended – Naughty Step Survivor – Colin Dunn
  • Highly Commended – Neglected Grave – Linda Kemp

Mono Prints Open

  • First Place – Beach Walkers – Janet Comley
  • Second Place – Harley Softtail – Ted Toop
  • Third Place – A Few Shades of Grey – Chris Eaves
  • Highly Commended – Fiddleford Barn – Linda Kemp
  • Highly Commended – Old Barn – Peter Smith
  • Highly Commended – The Old Barn – Linda Kemp

Prints Humour

  • First Place – What Happened Next – Steve Baker
  • Second Place – Glad I Did’nt Wear my Heels – Linda Kemp
  • Third Place – Is my Pension Ready – John Chapman
  • Highly Commended – The Two Angels – Janet Comley
  • Highly Commended – Thread Arrows – Chris Eaves

Prints Set Subject “N”

  • First Place – Nautilus Shells – Linda Kemp
  • Second Place – Night Party – Mick Rose
  • Third Place – Nave – John Chapman
  • Highly Commended – Nathan Splashing – Alan Cox
  • Highly Commended – No Parking – Janet Comley