Weymouth Camera Club Newsletter May 2021

Hello Everyone

Well, we have reached the end of a very different season and happily we have survived!

We have had some superb talks from speakers from different parts of the country and have had judges with refreshing views on our images. Sadly, we lost (hopefully, temporarily)  a few members who didn’t wish to join us on Zoom and we haven’t been able to include printed images in our competitions. However…..

Looking forward, we hope to be able to have a hybrid season i.e. a mixture of ‘live’ meetings and Zoom meetings to gain the best from each format. Prints can again be included in the competitions.

Chris is busy compiling the programme for next season and will email it to you in due course.

The dates for the Summer Outings are as follows:-
Tues 29th June – 20 Shot Comp. in Dorchester. Details will be sent to you nearer the time.
Tues 13th July; Tues 3rd August; Tues 24th August and on Tues 7th September there will be a pub get-together (TBA).  Chris will email the list of venues nearer the time.

The Set Subject for next season will be ‘Simplicity’. This has been chosen so that we can enter the Knightshays Cup Comp. run by WCPA. We hope this will go some way to compensate for the two local Battles that will no longer take place.

The Man Made Comp. subject next year will be ‘Glass’.

The Committee decided to extend next season so that a new competition could be included in the programme. It will be ‘Landscapes/cityscapes/seascapes/skyscapes’. It will be separated from the Nature Comp. and contribute to the Photographer of the Year award.

The club plans to hold a one-day exhibition at the Centenary Club on Sat 25th September. The room will be available from 9.00am to set up and the event will open at 11.00am till 4.00 pm. In due course Mick and Steve will call in prints for the display and it is hoped to project DPIs onto a screen through the projector. The aims of the exhibition are to engage with the  local community and to attract new members. Help with any of the tasks to advertise, set up or man the exhibition would be much appreciated. Again, details will be emailed to you nearer the time.

Next season’s subs will be £45 and can be paid electronically, in September, as they were this year.

The season’s start date is Tues 5th October and the first comp. will be ‘Open’ on Tues 12th October.

Despite her best efforts Joy has not been able to shake off the responsibilities of the Treasurer’s role! She has kindly offered to continue with some of the tasks and a committee member will undertake the other tasks on ‘live’ meeting evenings. Thank you, Joy.

All of the above plans, of course, are dependent on the government’s Covid 19 directives in the next few months but we remain optimistic.  So, have a lovely summer and get out there and take those winning shots!

Best regards        Ruth                     Gen. Secretary