Web Competition

This weekly web competition will take place as long as the Coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions are active.

Please Note

Once the restrictions are lifted and we can get back to normal club activities, the cumulative total of points scored per member will be added up and the winner will receive a bottle of wine, kindly donated by Chris and Bob. So, members who have not yet participated, here is an incentive to submit your images to this competition. Remember any member can score the images, even if they have not submitted an image.

Competition Rules.

  1. One DPI of any size to be emailed to; progsec@weymouthcameraclub.co.uk.
  2. Image to be submitted by no later than the Sunday for inclusion in the following weeks competition. The title of the DPI should be as per the following: image_name-member_name
  3. Images will be on the web from Monday to Sunday.
  4. Judging will be by any member during that week by email to progsec@weymouthcameraclub.co.uk, or by using the web form below. No judging entries will be accepted after the Saturday of that week.
  5. Judging will be 1st choice down to last choice i.e. Ist Choice: image 10, 2nd Choice: Image 3, 3rd Choice: image15, etc. Please do not judge your own image. 
  6. The results of the weekly competition will be shown on the website with a picture of the winning image.
  7. DPI’s can be any subject, any age, but are restricted to images that have not been awarded 1st, 2nd, 3rd or highly commended in a club competition.
  8. No prizes or certificates will be awarded for these weekly competitions.

Images for Week Commencing 25th May 2020

Web Competition Voting Form for week commencing 25/05/2020 (Week 9)

Please enter an image number (each image above has an image number) in the corresponding box below i.e. image 10 is 1st choice, image 1 is 2nd choice, image 13 is 3rd choice etc. For your image, please place the image number in the last box.

Web Competition Week 8 Results 18/05 - 23/05

PlaceImage NameName
1stImage-01-Ah nectar yummy!Shirley Swaine
2ndImage-08-Oakley ShadesMick Rose
3rdImage-14-Through the GlenLinda Kemp
HCImage-04-Bright & BeautifulChris Eaves
HCImage-05-Early EveningSteve Baker
HCImage-13-PuffinPeter King
Week 8 Winning Image - Ah nectar yummy! - Shirley Swaine