Weymouth Camera Club

Web Competition 2021

The Web Competition will run for seven weeks.
Week 1 will start on the 19th July 2021. So images for week 1 must be submitted by 18th July 2021.
Image to be submitted as per Competition Rule 2.

As the format of the competition is the same as last Year, I anticipate no problems.

Competition Rules.

  1. One DPI up to a maximum size of 5Mb  to be uploaded via the Image Submission form below. If this is not possible then your image can be emailed to; progsec@weymouthcameraclub.co.uk.
  2. Image to be submitted by no later than the Sunday for inclusion in the following weeks competition. The title of the DPI should be as per the following: image_name-member_name
  3. Images will be on the web from Monday to Sunday.
  4. Judging will be by any member during that week by email to progsec@weymouthcameraclub.co.uk, or by using the web form below. No judging entries will be accepted after the Saturday of that week.
  5. The results of the weekly competition will be shown on the website with a picture of the winning image.
  6. DPI’s can be any subject, any age, but are restricted to images that have not been awarded 1st, 2nd, 3rd or highly commended in a club competition.

Week 7 Images

Week 7 - 29/08/2021 to 04/09/2021 Results

Week 7 Winning Image- image-11-Rainbow Surprise - Linda Kemp

1st place – image-11-Rainbow Surprise – Linda Kemp
2nd place – image-13-Sundial at Tower Bridge – Bob Cannon
3rd place – image-05-Eagle – John Chapman
4th place – image-08-Lily – Janet Comley
5th place – image-12-Summertime – Chris Eaves
6th place – image-09-Making a splash – Shirley Swaine
7th place – image-14-Sunflower-Meadow – Mick Rose
8th place – image-06-Hello – Sue Farwell
9th place – image-01-4 huts – Steve Baker
10th place – image-04-Dusk at the Moorings – Billy Connolly
11th place – image-07-I will fit – Peter Smith
12th place – image-10-Portland Marina – Ted Toop
13th place – image-03-Christchurch Library Oxford – Alan Parkes
14th place – image-02-Bee Orchid – Jim Hicks

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