Competition Rules

Monthly Competitions 2023-2024

We now have 7 Monthly Competitions with the addition of Landscapes/Seascapes which contribute to the award of Photographer of the Year; plus 2 Opens, Nature, Close Up, Man Made (subject for this year is Dereliction) and a Set Subject (for this year is ‘Street Photography’).

For each competition above, entry is two digital images and or two prints.

The member with the combined highest score in the above competitions will become the Photographer of the Year.  The lowest marks in the DPIs will be removed in this calculation.

Digital Images:
All DPIs to be JPEG (.jpg) and resized to 1600 x 1200 pixels for landscape and no higher than 1200 pixels for portraits.
Images to be submitted via email to: no later than Midnight on the Friday prior to the competition. Images submitted after midnight will not be accepted.

Nature Competition:
Images of Animals and or Plants, ie: living organisms they may be in controlled conditions such as in a Zoo or Sanctuary or in the Wild. No obvious domestic animals or plants are permissible. Any manipulation or modification is limited to minor retouching and must not alter the truth of the original scene (WCPF).

Close Up competition:
Images showing the closest position possible although you do not need to use a special macro lens or a camera with a macro setting. The subject should be magnified and seen larger than with the naked eye.

Man Made – Religious Building and the Environs – Can include religious Artifacts or Architectural details i.e. Mosaic’s, Grave Stones or the Font, etc.. Image title should inform the viewer and judge of its content even if slightly obscure i.e. Gargoyle at Durham Cathedral.

Set Subject: Street Photography – A genre of photography that records everyday life in a public place. Candid images of strangers often without their knowledge capturing a spontaneous moment where it is not directed or staged. Please note: If children are involved permission from a parent or guardian is advisable.

Landscapes/Seascapes Competition
A genre of photography that captures natural landscapes. While these landscapes may have people, animals or architecture present in the photos, the primary focus of the photograph must be natural scenery in order to be considered a landscape photograph. Subjects of these photographs include seascapes, mountain ranges, rivers, forests, and other natural landscapes.

Other Annual Club Competitions

Knock Out Competition: max. 4 digital images

Summer Outings Competition:
Maximum of 4 digital images taken from any of the summer outings.

Creative Cup: Three digital images
“A creative photograph can be, but not restricted to, a departure from reality and be obviously distinct from a scene viewed with the use of a camera lens.”

Annual Competition: Something beginning with ‘R’

Twenty Shot Competition
Is a separate competition which takes place on a selected evening during the summer outings.

General Competition Rules

All parts of the image must be the photographers own work, no use of clip art or imported images from the internet or other sources can be used.

All entries MUST have a Title and the name of the author, prints on the reverse. Title_Name

During the year, no image can be used more than once in a monthly competition which contributes to Photographer of the Year. They can be entered into other Club competitions.

Any image getting a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Certification is barred from entering ANY further monthly competitions, regardless of the year it won.

Images can be submitted for the Annual Competition which have been used before or have won, but not if they have won the Annual previously.

The Committee has given the Competition Secretary the power to disqualify any image which does not abide by the rules!