Open Competition 12th of Oct. 2021

Digitally Projected Images
Portland MarinaBilly Connolly1st
Caught by the tideLinda Kemp2nd
Anemone Chris Eaves3rd
Ghostly goings on Mick RoseHC
Daisies in the GraveyardChris EavesHC
Sailing into the lightChris EavesHC
WaitingMick RoseHC

Nature Competition 9 Nov. 2021

Digitally Projected Images
Male Kestrel with PreyMick Rose1st
BadgerMick Rose2nd
Gatekeeper on Knapweed Chris Eaves3rd
Odd, non-aggressive Hornet behaviour Shirley SwaineHC
The Colours of the SeabedBilly ConnollyHC
Drying off in African sunPeter KnightHC
SplashdownShirley Swaine HC
Odd one outKerry AlexanderHC
Thistle HeadJim HicksHC
Just a Female MallardPeter SmithHC

Man Made Comp. (Wood) 23rd Nov. 2020

Digitally Projected Images
The Wreck of the JehelumTed Toop1st
Coloured PencilsLinda Kemp2nd
Benerville sur MerSteve Baker3rd
Lolly Stick MedlyChris EavesHC
Wood CutsJanet ComleyHC
The old FencePeter KingHC

Closeup Competition 9 Feb. 2021

Digitally Projected Images
Fine and DandyChris Eaves1st
Common Blue on ButtercupShirley Swaine2nd
Coloured PencilsChris Eaves3rd
Dragon's StareShirley SwaineHC
Frosty FrondBilly ConnollyHC
Orange DahliaLinda KempHC
Hover Fly Steve BakerHC

Open Competition 2nd of March 2021

Digitally Projected Images
Sitting on the fenceShirley Swaine1st
Pink RoseLinda Kemp2nd
PeonyJim Hicks3rd
Ice BubblesChris EavesHC
TeaselSusan Farwell HC
With a Twinkle in his eyeMick RoseHC

Set Subject Comp (Music) 16 March 2021

Digitally Projected Images
Candle in the WindMick Rose1st
We are SailingChris Eaves2nd
Stairway to HeavenChris Eaves3rd
War of the WorldsMick RoseHC
Glass OnionSteve BakerHC