Email From Noah & Hannah Miller


My son Noah and I just wanted to get in touch because you’ve been such an awesome help while he’s been working on earning his “Photography” merit badge for Boy Scouts! His troop temporarily made the switch back to remote scouting after a couple of boys unfortunately tested positive for COVID. Your page, gave Noah some really useful information and sites to learn from! It’s always such a blessing to be able to find such great sites to help out with his badges. Thank you so much!!

Noah also had the awesome idea of suggesting another resource to you he came across while looking for information as a means to pay it forward. It’s it’s a great beginner’s guide to outdoor and nature photography.  

Would you mind adding the guide Noah found to your page if it’s not too much trouble? I’d absolutely love to show him that his suggestion was up and running to help other photographers if you’ve decided it was a fitting addition! I believe he would be so proud and excited to know he’s made a positive contribution… Plus I’m sure he would be beyond thrilled to show his troop during their next video call.

If you have the time, please let us know what you think!

Thanks so much again and warmest regards,

Noah and Hannah Miller

Reply from Webmaster Weymouth Camera Club.

Hi Noah and Hannah,

I have added your recommendation to the website, the link can be found on this page;

Thank you for your kind words about the Weymouth Camera Club website, I hope That Noah soon receives his “Photography” merit badge.

With kind regards