Weymouth/Blandford Competition

Weymouth Camera Club were delighted to host the very first Weymouth/Blandford Competition on 28th March 2023.  Each club submitted 15 digital images and 15 prints.  The judge for the evening was Malcolm McNaughton who had a difficult task as the results were very close.  Weymouth were only half a mark behind Blandford at half time after the digital images had been seen.  However, Blandford gained  extra points with their prints and Blandford ended the evening by winning the overall competition by 10 marks. 

Weymouth Camera Club members were pleased to welcome so many Blandford members on the evening and are now looking forward to next year’s competition which will be hosted by Blandford Camera Club.  Our photographs show Ted Toop, Chairman of Weymouth Camera Club and Geoff Killer, Chairman of Blandford Camera Club.