Weymouth Camera Club Newsletter 4

Hello Everyone

I hope you have kept well and have been able to get out and about recently now that some of the government restrictions have been lifted.

It has been almost 6 months since the club last met. However the committee has been busy devising ways for us to meet up again in the new season. As you can imagine there will have to be some changes to how we normally meet.

1. The Centenary Club is open again but it is not possible for us to meet there and comply with the Government Covid 19 requirements.

  • It has therefore been decided to hold on-line meetings for the whole season.
  • We have decided, as have most other Camera clubs, to use Zoom as it will suit our needs the best. It is compatible with all devices (ipad, iphone, laptop, desktop PC, OS or Windows).
  • We plan to use the Zoom Pro package for which the Club will pay a monthly fee. This will allow up to 100 members to join meetings with no time limit. There will be a break half way through the meetings to socialise and re-fill glasses.

2. We will retain the monthly competitions but there will be no Prints section.

  • Members will be asked to submit up to 3 DPIs per competition, rather than the usual 2.
  • Members are asked to send in their images a week earlier than normal so that the judge has a week to preview them and prepare his presentation. The dates will be clearly shown on the programme.
  • The judge will make his remarks and give scores via Zoom on the Club night. All members will be able to watch the competition, on their devices, from home.

3. The other weeks meetings will have speakers who are willing to give Zoom talks. This will enable us to hear from photographers from other parts of the country we would otherwise not have access to. Meetings will be opened up so that people may ask questions.

  • Chris is busy booking speakers to create a varied and interesting programme.
  • The season’s programme will be emailed to you in due course.

4. Although we are not paying for the Centenary Club room hire there are still fixed costs to be covered:- Western Counties Membership Fees, Public Liability, Insurance, Zoom payments and fees for judges and speakers. We will also not benefit from the monies raised by the Monthly Raffles which help cover some of our expenses.

  • This years membership fee will be £35.
  • Joy, our Treasurer, will be send you an email explaining how and when to pay Club Subscription Fees. The club’s account is now on-line which will make money transfers and payments easier i.e. no cheques required.

5. The Committee has held several Basic Zoom meeting plus a dry run competition and has sorted out the teething problems now. We envisage holding a couple of practise meetings with all the club members before the season starts so that everyone is familiar with the procedure.

  • Bob Reeves has kindly offered to help anyone who is having problems. He has already helped Ted and John.
  • You will receive an email inviting you to join a meeting on Tues 8th September to meet the committee, watch a short presentation and have a practice.
  • In the meantime, download the Zoom app and register. They only require your name and email address. Also, you will need to buy a webcam if you have not got one built into your laptop or computer. Bob is available for advice.
  • Dates for your Diary.

    8th September Members first practice meeting starting at 7.30pm. Short presentation and identify any problems
    15th September Joy to email request for subscription fees to be paid
    22nd September Last day for subscription fees to be paid. Joy will send Steve the membership list so that he, as host, can invite you to future meetings.
    29th September Informal Zoom meeting ‘Welcome Back’ with all members. Have a glass of wine or beer handy and have a catch up and discuss the season’s programme
    6th October First meeting of the season. Talk by Steve Mile ‘100 Strangers’
    13th October TBA
    20th October On-line AGM
    27th October Open Competition

    I think that’s enough from me now! More information will be sent in due course.

    Keep taking those photos!


    Kind Regards

    Ruth Secretary

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    20 Shot Competition 23rd June 2020

    20 Shot Competition 23rd June 2020

    Home & Garden

    New Format – There can be no meeting on the Tuesday evening (when we normally go out and photograph the 20 set subjects.) Instead, all subjects can be taken from your home, house and garden and may be completed over 3 days.

    If you do not have a garden of your own then a neighborhood or communal garden will be acceptable while still considering social distancing guide lines.

    Subjects will be sent out Via E-Mail on Monday evening 22nd.

    Notes: –

    1. There is NO entry fee……at this time…. Depending on how the competition is going to be judged. If on line using DPI’s (No cost) or from Prints (£5 charge), In the normal way !! if and when club meetings resume…..

    Watch this space !!!

    2. Because of the nature of subjects and the restrictions of social distancing, you will have 3 days to take your images, Tues/Wed/Thurs. Then 2 days Fri/Sat to edit, then Sunday to submit your 20 shots to Steve Baker (Competition Secretary).

    3. Remembering to resize your images for 6X4 prints. There should be no major post processing (except for image 13 anything goes) only to crop, resize and some slight enhancing.

    4. I Hope you will Join in and keep the spirit of the club running.

    Thank you and Good luck!!!

    Mick Rose

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    Web Competition Update

    Once the restrictions are lifted and we can get back to normal club activities, the cumulative total of points scored per member will be added up and the winner will receive a bottle of wine, kindly donated by Chris and Bob. So, members who have not yet participated, here is an incentive to submit your images to this competition. Remember any member can score the images, even if they have not submitted an image.

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    Web DPI Competition

    The club will be holding a weekly online competition commencing week beginning 30 March 2020 for as long as the current Coronavirus restrictions are in place. So that means that DPI’s for the first week must be submitted by the latest 29 March 2020.

    Competition Rules

    1. One DPI of any size to be emailed to; progsec@weymouthcameraclub.co.uk.
    2. Image to submitted by no later than the Sunday for inclusion in the following weeks competition. The title of the DPI should be as per the following:  image_name-member_name
    3. Images will be on the web from Monday to Saturday.
    4. Judging will be by members during that week by email to progsec@weymouthcameraclub.co.uk. No judging entries will be accepted after the Saturday of that week.
    5. Judging will be 1st choice down to last choice i.e. Image10 1st, image3 2nd, image15 3rd etc. You cannot vote for your own image
    6. The results of the weekly competition will be shown on the website with a picture of the winning image.
    7. DPI’s can be any subject, any age, but are restricted to images that have not been awarded 1st, 2nd, 3rd or highly commended in a club competition.
    8. No prizes or certificates will be awarded for these weekly competitions.

    If you have any questions please email; progsec@weymouthcameraclub.co.uk.

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    Brian Lynch Challenge 19th February 2020

    Congratulations to us as we won the annual Brian Lynch Challenge last night at Portland!

    Congratulations to the following members who were awarded Highly Commended:

    • Billy Connoly – Buri Khalifa
    • Linda Kemp – Incoming Tide
    • Stephen Davenport – Male Bearded Tit
    • Vanessa Ingram – Paved With Gold
    • Chris Eaves – Stormy Sky

    The First Three Places were awarded to:

    1. Don Hart – Far, Far Away
    2. Chris Eaves – Raindrops on a Seed Head
    3. Mick Rose – Female Kestrel

    Next week at Weymouth we have Keith Robins from Yeovil who is giving a presentation on portrait and still life photography using all sorts of different lighting.  It should be interesting and our friend Karen who has modelled for us is also coming along for us to photograph her.  The following week Keith is returning to take a workshop using all that we have learnt (probably) from his presentation.  However Keith has suggested that members could bring along their lighting and items to photograph next week if they would like to.  There is a link to Keith’s work here:


    For anyone who has been away from the planet for a week or so, the club is featured in this week’s Amateur Photographer magazine.

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    Change to 12th November 2019 Meeting

    Please note that there is a change to next week’s meeting, 12th November. Charlie Wheeler is unable to attend for his wildlife talk on that evening. He sends his apologies and hopes that we can re-schedule him in for another date. (I’m sure we can!) Instead, we are fortunate to be able to welcome Lara Jane Thorpe back to the club for an evening of food photography. This has been a very popular evening in the past and hopefully will be again on Tuesday. The first half of the evening Lara will give a presentation of her most recent work and then the second half will be a workshop. For those who are not familiar with her work; Lara is a professional photographer who lives in this area. She specialises in food photography, has her images featured in national magazines and works for major restaurants and food manufacturers. For the workshop, it would be great if members could bring along anything that they would like to include in this category. This could be fruit and vegetables (the more colourful the better) sweets, seeds and stuff like star anise always look good on a contrasting background. Bring along any unusual plates or cutlery if you can, but don’t worry too much as Lara always brings a lot of her own props. A tripod and a flash or torch can be useful too. It’s always a fun, informal second half and an opportunity to photograph something a bit different.

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    Club Christmas Meal

    The venue and timings for the Club Christmas Meal have now been finalised, you can view the venue, menu and timings on the Events list or by clicking here.

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    Judging for The Land Registry Photography Competition

    Weymouth Camera Club were recently invited to judge the annual Land Registry Photography Competition at Weymouth Land Registry. Thinking it might be an interesting hour or so judging maybe 50 or so entries, 3 members of the Camera Club: Steve Baker, Mick Rose and Chris Eaves offered to be the judges for an afternoon.  The task soon became rather more engaging when they realised that it was a nationwide competition for all members of the Land Registry to enter and that there were 800 entries!  However, they managed the task and were happy to agree on the best of the different categories.  The winning images are then displayed for the Land Registry Staff to choose their favourite.

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    Skittles Evening 2019

    Thanks to everyone who came to the first night of the 2019 -2020 season last night and congratulations to Billy on winning the skittles match.  I hope the Bingo people enjoyed all the left over food! 

    Just a reminder that next week, 1st October is our 20 Shot and Summer Outings Competition.  The 20 shots had to be in just after the 20 shot evening, but a maximum 4 digital images from the club’s Summer Outings can be submitted by Sunday please to compsec@weymouthcameraclub.co.uk. 

    The week after that, the 8th October is the first of the competitions that will qualify towards the Photographer of the Year award.  It is an ‘Open’ competition and the judge for the evening is Stuart Morris.

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